“Baby See, Baby Do”is a well known phrase. If your kids see you picking up a good habit or making a sustainable choice, chances are that they will pick up the same thing. Our range of Everyday Bamboo Toothbrush for Kids hopes to achieve just this.

Our brushes are dentist recommended and can be used for babies as young as 1 year old. Start them early so that choosing sustainable products comes naturally to them and we can all hope for a greener planet.

Our brushes come in 4 fun colors to choose from.


  1. Lightweight Bamboo Toothbrush that is designed for a comfortable grip and a refreshing brushing experience.
  2. The bamboo handles are compostable and break down in 3 to 6 months time.
  3. The bristles are medium to hard, BPA free and made of Nylon.
  4. These brushes last just as long as your plastic ones and have a lesser environmental impact.


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