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Cloth Diapering Decoded: Types of cloth diapers.

If you are a new momma interested in cloth diapering your baby but are totally baffled by the various types of cloth diapers then you have come to just the right place. Here we decode the different types of cloth diapers so that you can choose the ones that suit your baby the best. Let’s first understand what a cloth diaper is. A Cloth diaper or CD is essentially a diaper made of cloth and a waterproof layer that provides a dry feel to the baby and can be left on the baby’s bum anywhere between 2 hours to 12 hours based on the type of cloth diaper and its capacity to absorb pee. There are many types of cloth diapers

  1. Pocket Diapers: A pocket diaper is a diaper that is made by stitching a layer of cloth and a waterproof outer layer together in such a way that there is a pocket between the two layers. This pocket is used to insert soakers and boosters that give the diapers their absorbency. When a pocket diaper gets soiled, the whole diaper (diaper shell and the insert) needs to be washed before the next use. Shop Pocket diapers here:
  2. All in Ones: All in one diapers are ready to wear diapers in which the inner layer of the diaper has many layers stitched into it to absorb the pee. This diaper can directly go on the baby’s bum without any extra steps to put it on. There is no pocket or insert in such a diaper. Shop All in one diapers here.
  3. All in Twos: All in two diapers are similar to pocket diapers but the inserts in this case are directly touching the baby’s bum. The inserts are mostly stitched at both ends of the diaper in flap style. Shop all in twos diapers here.
  4. Cover Diapers: A cover diaper is just a waterproof layer with snaps. They are used to provide a waterproof layer on flats or prefolds. Cover diapers are economical as they can be reused after wiping it down well. However, if the baby has pooped in a cover diaper, its best to put the whole diaper in for a wash. Shop cover diapers here.
  5. One Size Diapers: One size diapers are diapers that fit babies that are 3months to 3 years old. They are one size but have snap buttons to size the diaper based on baby’s weight and build. These can be pocket diapers, All in ones, all in twos and cover diapers.
  6. New born Diapers: New born diapers are meant for babies up to 3 months of age or up to 5 to 7 kg of weight. Shop new born diapers here. These can be pocket diapers, All in ones, all in twos and cover diapers.
  7. Flats: Flats are square pieces of cloth that are folded in various ways to put on the baby’s bottom. These are one of the most common type of cloth diapering babies in India since centuries. The flats are often but not always made of muslin. You can use a cover diaper over flats to make it waterproof from the outside. Flats can be customized based on the gender and peeing patterns of the baby. There are many ways to fold flats and this can be a time taking process. They are not dry feel on the inside.
  8. Prefolds: Prefolds are rectangular pieces of cloth stitched together with adjusted absorbency levels in the wet zone. They can be dry feel also.
  9. Fitteds: Fitted diapers are like all in one diapers with built in absorbency but without a waterproof layer on the outside. They have snaps on the outside to size the diaper for the baby.

We sincerely hope that you found the answers to your questions here and that we were able to help you decide what type of cloth diaper you would like to buy for your baby. For any questions, please contact us on our customer care number or email us at

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