Top 18 internet slangs you need to know RN! (RIGHT NOW!)

If you are a new parent or just new to online parenting forums, chances are you feel lost with all the internet slangs and short forms that people keep using. Fret no more because we have curated THE list of the most used acronyms in parenting forums to bring you up to date! One look at this list and you will slay the internet lingo in no time!

  1. LO: Little One (usually the youngest child)
  2. DD : Dear Daughter
  3. DH: Dear Husband
  4. DS: Dear Son
  5. SAHM / SAHD/ SAHP: Stay at Home Mom / Stay at home Dad/ Stay at home parent
  6. BF : Breastfeed / Breastfeeding
  7. EBF: Exclusively Breastfeeding
  8. NIP: Nursing in Public
  9. FM; Formula Milk
  10. PPD : Post Partum Depression
  11. WAH/WAHM/WAHD : Work from Home / Work from Home Mom/ Work from Home Dad
  12. SO : Significant Other
  13. OP: Original Poster (referring to the person who has written the post)
  14. TMI: Too much information
  15. BM: Breast Milk
  16. VBAC : Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
  17. BLW: Baby Led Weaning
  18. AP: Attachment Parenting

And just for fun and also because we are looking out for you dear parent, if you see your child use PAW somewhere, know they are hiding something cos PAW = Parents are Watching! Wink wink!

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